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PCI Featured Projects
Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, New York
A study was performed at this facility to evaluate the ability of PCI’s Pitot tube based airflow measurement technology to successfully perform in a high particulate air stream. Please click here to read about this study and PCI’s documented success over the thermal dispersion (hot wire) airflow measurement system.
Sprint Headquarters
Overland Park, Kansas
Shortly after commissioning of this very large corporate campus the facility engineers began experiencing operational problems with the thermal dispersion (hot wire) outdoor airflow measurement systems that were originally installed. PCI was given the opportunity to demonstrate our outdoor airflow measurement systems capabilities on two AHU’s. Based on the performance results, in 2007 PCI completed a 19 Building/55 outdoor airflow measurement system retrofit.
King Fahd Medical City
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
PCI has provided airflow and pressure measurement and control systems to clients world wide. At the King Fahd hospital PCI provided 120 room pressure monitoring systems.
Center For Disease Control
Atlanta, Georgia
PCI provided 150 laboratory airflow measurement points and 28 lab pressure monitoring systems at the Center for Disease Control.
Chase Tower
Chicago, Illinois
An energy savings retrofit was performed to convert the fan systems from constant volume into variable air volume operation. PCI furnished and commissioned 68 fan inlet airflow measurement systems. The building management systems now use the airflow measurement feedback to volumetrically track the return fan’s airflow extraction rate based on their associated supply fan’s airflow delivery rate.
PCI Featured Projects