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b1 Flow Sensing Elements
b1 Flow Signal Processor
b1 Back Purging System
Small Pipe Diameter Flow Sensors
MFE-1000 &-3000 MicroFlow Air/Gas Flow Measuring Elements
The MFE-1000 & -3000 are differential pressure (head) devices specifically designed to provide continuous, accurate and reliable measurement of ultra low air/gas volumetric flow rates over a wide operating range. These flow sensing elements utilize the piezoid ring static pressure sensing technique, combined with a self-averaging total pressure sensing manifold. The MFE-3000 incorporates area reducing transitions on the entering and leaving ends to accelerate air velocity resulting in greater flow measurement accuracy. The output of the MFE-1000 & -3000 requires no correction (k) factor, and when actual air/gas density is determined the output of these devices provide accurate mass flow measurement.
PCI Qualifications