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b1 Flow Sensing Elements
b1 Flow Signal Processor
b1 Back Purging System
Heat/Chemical Resistant Stations with Straightener
FE-1500-FX Flow Measurement Stations with Straightener
The FE-1500-FX flow measurement station has been developed for use in systems having a highly turbulent condition at the point of measurement. The FE-1500-FX consists of single or multiple flow sensing elements factory mounted and pre-piped in a casing designed for flanged connection to ductwork or pipes and incorporates a honeycomb flow straightening section. Optional corrosive or high temperature resistive materials including Type 304 L and 316L stainless steel, Hasteloy, and Type 1 PVC are available. Alternatively, standard construction stations consisting of anodized aluminum flow elements, galvanized steel casings, and 3003 aluminum flow straightner can be manufactured with a phenolic or polyurethane enamel coating for resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, and solvents. Having no mechanical or heated components the FE-1500-FX flow measuring stations can be used in explosive or other hazardous locations. Flow transducers are sold separately.
PCI Qualifications