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Flow Signal Processor
MicroTransEQ Airflow Signal Processor
The MicroTransEQ flow transducer utilizes a 24 bit A/D converter for signal processing and can produce accuracies of ±0.1% of reading. The ultra low 0.03"w.c. differential pressure (693 fpm at standard air density conditions) full scale operating range and the auto zeroing function provides accurate air flow measurement down to 100 fpm making this product ideal for outdoor air flow measurement applications and for use on projects seeking to obtain credit for IEQ Credit 1: Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring under the LEED® Green Building Rating System. The MicroTransEQ also accepts a temperature input signal for air density compensation for standard or actual airflow calculations. For easy use on fan inlet applications with piezometer ring systems, the MicroTransEQ incorporates a special piezometer ring flow algorithm with easy flow coefficient entry through display menus. A 4-point flow correction and K-factor field menu are included to reduce time and save money spent on balancing. Device monitoring and configuration can also be performed by a building management system through either a LonWorks®, BACnet-MS/TP® Master or Modbus communication network.
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