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b1 Back Purging System
Back Purging System
APS-1000 Master Blaster Automatic Back Purging System
The APS-1000 Master Blaster is an automatic high pressure and high volume back purging system. It has been designed specifically for Pitot-tube airflow measurement applications having high levels of moisture and/or airborne particulate that may foul the measurement ports of the primary flow element. The systematic high pressure high-volume back purging maintains flow measurement accuracy that would otherwise degrade due to sensor port fouling or vapor condensing within the velocity averaging manifolds. The back-purge process is automatically initiated at preset intervals utilizing a 7-day programmable time clock. Sequencing of the isolation and purge valves, plus the back-purge duration are controlled using a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Both the frequency and duration of the back-purge is field adjustable through firmware.
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