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b1 Flow Sensing Elements
b1 Flow Signal Processor
b1 Back Purging System
Industrial Process Applications
Paragon’s engineering capabilities and innovative manufacturing techniques permits us to customize designs to meet and exceed the most challenging applications and demanding process conditions. Paragon has provided flow measurement systems, some of which have been in operation for over 30 years, to clients in the biotechnology, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, power, semiconductor, wastewater treatment and various other light and heavy industrial industries.
Paragon’s pitot-type flow sensing elements and flow measuring stations are used in ducts, pipes, and stacks as small as ¾ inch in diameter and up to 12 feet or larger and are available in optional corrosive or high temperature resistive materials including Type 304L and 316L stainless steel, Hasteloy, and Type 1 PVC. Alternatively, standard construction stations consisting of anodized aluminum elements and galvanized steel casings can be manufactured with a phenolic or polyurethane enamel coating for resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, and solvents. Having no mechanical or heated components Paragon’s flow measuring elements can be used in explosive or other hazardous locations are also commonly used for measurement of high temperature process flows where high moisture and high particulate concentrations are present. Applications we specialize in include:
b2 Combustion Airflow Control
b2 Continuous Emissions Monitoring
b2 Lower Explosive Limit/Lower Flammable Limit Control
b2 Pill/Tablet Coating
b2 Wastewater Treatment
Paragon’s flow measuring elements are aerodynamically designed to resist airborne particulate from sticking to the surface; therefore, only periodic cleaning is required. The flow measuring elements are also designed for easy removal and reinsertion and can be simply wiped clean or washed with a cleaning agent suitable for use on the type of material the sensing element is constructed of without any effect on the integrity of the sensor manifold. Unlike other flow sensors, Paragon’s pitot-type flow measuring elements have no moving parts and don't require power to operate; therefore, field recalibration is not required. If subjected to long-term moisture combined with a heavy particulate concentration, Paragon’s automatic back purge system with its high capacity air valves is designed to keep the sensors free and clear of any particulate buildup thus maintaining the proper operation and accuracy of flow measurement over long periods of time. With the use of Paragon’s automatic back purging system the flow measuring elements are virtually maintenance free.
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