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PC-5000 Constant Static Pressure Control Center
The PC-5000 is a dedicated electronic control center designed to maintain a constant static pressure at a given setpoint in a ventilation system. The control package is complete with the necessary transmitter, scaling circuit, static pressure indicator, and unique three mode (P-I-1/D) controller to achieve accurate constant pressure control. System static pressure (inches water column) is continuously indicated on a dry type magnehelic differential pressure gauge, mounted on the enclosure door. The system static setpoint can be locally or remotely adjusted, selection is performed via a remote contact closure. The active control mode is indicated with an integral operational status LED indicator. The control action (reverse and direct) and control mode values are switch selectable to allow for “in operation” adjustment of proportional band, reset (integral), and inverse derivative for tuning the controller to meet the system dynamics. The controller output and set point are indicated in percent of full scale on an integral LED meter located on the front panel of the controller. An analog output interface signal, linear to the measured static pressure, is available for monitoring by a building management system. Control centers are factory tested and calibrated to meet the specification of the system served in order to ensure trouble free installation and system commissioning. All test points and adjustments are easily accessible inside the control center to facilitate system check-out and calibration.
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