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Airflow/Pressure Control
Paragon's Flow Control Systems (FC Series) and Pressure Control Systems (PC Series) are dedicated control centers designed to perform the required airflow, static, or pressure control functions for a specified control process on a one-to-one basis. Each FC and PC contains all the instrumentation necessary to perform the specified control process; there is no time-sharing of instruments or circuitry with any other process, system, or center. Where the center is connected to a computer, a shutdown or failure in the computer or connecting lines will not interrupt the dedicated control center's operation.
The FC and PC Series represent a major advancement in affordable airflow and pressure control instrumentation. The FC and PC Series are accurate and dependable; easy to install, start-up, and maintain; are available with a complete line of optional features to customize packages for the most complex systems; and have "off the shelf'" availability for standard applications. Their high quality and solid-state technology is available at prices well below equivalent competitive products. Unique features include:
b2 Factory Calibrated and Tested Control Circuits - All control circuits undergo extensive testing and burn-in to reduce the possibility of field failure. All centers are fully factory tested and calibrated to system specifications. Only fine-tuning to the system dynamics is required in the field.
b2 Continuous Display of System Status - Light-emitting diode (LED) displays provide continuous digital indication of air volume in cubic feet per minute (cfm) and system static or space differential pressure in inches of water column. Operating personnel can see the system's status at a glance and read a quantitative value without a gauge or meter scale interpretation.
b2 Adjustable Control Points - Control setpoints can be re-adjusted to meet new operating conditions.
b2 Computer Interface - Control centers can provide continuous electronic signals of the related control process for central or supervisory computer indication or data logging.
b2 Three-mode Controller (P, I, 1/D) - Controller circuits have fully adjustable control mode capabilities of proportional, integral, and inverse derivative which permits the controller to be tuned to the dynamics (or speed) of the airflow or pressure control process.
b2 Easy System Tuning - Controller mode values and control action adjustments are made by selecting jumper positions. No re-wiring or component replacement is necessary.
b2 Available with Electronic or Pneumatic Control Output - When used with electron actuators, the control signal is furnished in the specified electrical form. With pneumatic operators, electronic to pneumatic transducers supply a 3 to 15 pounds per square inch guage (psig) control output signal.
b2 Low Power Consumption - Each control center uses less than 25 Watts.
b2 Compact Size - The attractively finished NEMA 12 enclosure is just 16 inches high by 16 inches wide by 6 inches deep for standard centers.
b2 Design Flexibility - The FC and PC Series are available with a complete line of options that let the design engineer customize a control package to meet the requirements of even the most complex system. Options include:
» Low System Static Selection for use where multiple pressure sensing points are specified - typically, large variable air volume (VAV) systems. Includes additional transmitters and circuitry to select the lowest sensed signal and process it for indication and control.
» Summing of Multiple Flow Rates for use where multiple airflow measuring elements are located in branch ducts of a single fan system or individual ducts of a multiple fan system. Includes additional transmitters, square root extractors, scaling relays, and circuitry to produce a total air volume signal for indication and control.
» Auxiliary Setpoints for providing morning warm-up, night setback, or programmed reduction or increases in the flow, static, or space pressure levels. Setpoints can be activated by dry contacts or electrical or pneumatic signals. Each auxiliary setpoint has an operational status LED indicator.
» High Duct Pressure Override circuitry to reposition or shut down the fan system in the event of a sudden rise in fan intake or discharge static (caused by closure of a main fire damper, etc.)
» Independent Readout of Process Signal on Magnehelic Gauges instead of LED readouts. Control centers can be furnished with diaphragm-actuated, differential pressure gauges mounted on the enclosure door. Meters are scaled in cfm (air volume) and feet per minute (air velocity), or inches of water column (system static or space pressure level).
» Additional LED Readouts for non-controlled ducts or systems or where individual indication is specified on a system with summing or low signal selection. This option includes additional transmitters, square root extractors, scaling circuitry, and LED displays.
» Multiple Control Functions in a Single Center can be grouped and inter connected for multiple and complex airflow and pressure applications.